New Developments

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FECSA's consolidation and future prospects are based on the development of new products and comprehensive services which enable it not only to cover existing market demands, but also to anticipate future approaches.

The relationship between FECSA's various departments and its laboratories contributes to the development of state-of-the-art textile solutions. The fundamental objective of these laboratories is to confirm the quality of raw materials. They have complex technical equipment for evaluating colour, waterproof properties, mechanical and structural aspects, ballistics, strength, fastness, etc.

Its strategy is based on two lines of action:

  • Development of new raw materials: components and fabrics with ever more technical compositions and treatments (new fibre mixtures, waterproof and breathable, fire resistant and infrared membranes, nuclear, biological and chemical, bullet and shrapnel-proof fabrics, microfibres, thermal fabrics, nanotechnology, etc).
  • Development of new products: updating conventional garments by improving performance with innovative designs and adapting technological advances from other sectors in its products.

FECSA collaborates directly with its suppliers throughout the development process for articles, from conception, design and studying raw materials, both in its own and accredited laboratories (AITEX, LEITAT, TNO, IFTH, HOHENSTEIN, INEXCOP, IBV, etc) , up to final production.

Given the scale of the markets in which FECSA is involved, the lines of research for developing new raw materials and products are organised into several research areas

Dry cleaning equipment
Dry cleaning equipment